Marketing Agency in Dallas

Advertising &Marketing

Advertising & Marketing– Develop traditional and social media and advertising plans. Create and manage comprehensive individual and corporate branding/marketing campaigns.

  • Campaign Creation – Create advertising and marketing campaigns designed to drive the purchase of products or services
  • Customer Satisfaction Tracking and Needs Analysis – Conduct surveys, focus groups and interviews; draft testimonials, etc.
  • Graphic Design – Design and produce logos, invitations, print layouts, multi-media presentations, etc.
  • Internal/External Communication – Draft and distribute ongoing communications for key stakeholder groups, such as clients, investors, alumni, shareholders, media, etc.
  • ROI Reporting – Determine impact of advertising and marketing investments on bottom line
  • Website Creation/Updating – Develop brand, content; analyze trends; integrate social media; create online auctions and stores, etc.
  • Identify Niche Promotional Opportunities – Based on the top brand messages the client wishes to convey, identify niche opportunities – e.g., leadership training, life skills seminars, relationship advice, or hobby-specific promotions (broadcasting, home improvement, outdoors, cooking, etc.)
  • Invitations to Strategic Events – Secure individual and corporate client invitations to events that benefit him/her or the organization (for either for-profit or nonprofit endeavors)
  • Promotional Products – Design, select, order and distribute promotional products for themed parties, golf tournaments, celebrity/sponsor gift bags, etc.
  • Social Media – Create brand awareness and drive brand through followers and sales via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets